Our Process

Our Investors

Typically, investors who come to us are looking for diversity as well as better returns than they may currently be earning in traditional investments and who want to take advantage of the benefits of professionally managed investment-quality real estate without the hassles of dealing with day-to-day property operations.

Investor Qualifications

Our typical offerings are only available to Accredited and Sophisticated investors. We pre-qualify each of our potential investors on the basis of their previous investment experience, knowledge and investment goals. 

Sources of Funds

Sources of investor funds in our properties include savings, inheritances, individual retirement accounts or 401(k)s, and conversion of other low-producing investments.

Our Investment Strategy

We identify a potential investment property. Then we pool investor funds and obtain a bank loan to acquire the property. During ownership, we optimize property performance to maximize investor returns and resale value. We eventually resell during peak market conditions

Acquisition Criteria

• Emerging / new-growth markets

• Development or value-add potential of property

• Cash flowing within 2-3 years

• Ability to sell in 5-7 years

Due Diligence

• Property appraisal

• Review rent rolls

• Analyze value-add potential

• Conduct physical inspection

• Verify seller-provided information

For Investor Review

We provide the following offering materials:

• Private Placement Memorandum

• Company Operating Agreement

• Subscription Agreement

• Investment Summary

Next Steps

• We conduct a prequalification interview

• We notify you of a proposed property acquistion

• You review the offering materials

• You submit a Subscription Agreement and wire funds

• We close on the property

•  You receive a return on investment as well as equity upon resale

Ready to get started?

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