How Syndication Works

What is Syndication?

Very simply, syndication is a group of individuals or entities pooling their money together to invest in real estate.

How Does It Work?


We identify a suitable property.

Step One is for us to identify a real estate asset that meets our specific investment criteria. The idea is that the property will yield a sufficient return to pay us and you, our investors, from cash flow during operations and/or equity on resale.


We assemble a team of experts.

Our teams include securities and real estate attorneys, CPAs, property managers, lenders, contractors and other co-managers.


We raise capital from investors to fund acquisition.

We may obtain institutional financing for a portion of the purchase price and then pool funds from private investors to finance the down payment and closing costs. 


We oversee property operations.

As an investor, you will get a share of excess cash flow during the period of ownership and equity on eventual re-sale of the property. 


Investors share cash flow from operations.

Target annualized investor returns are around the mid teens, calculated against the amount of money invested. 


Investors share in equity on sale.

Typically, we hold and operate  properties for 5-7 years. We carefully analyze market conditions to identify the optimum time for exiting the investment to maximize profits that can be shared with our investors.

Our Goal:

We like to get to know each of our investors, because we want satisfied investors who come back again and again because of our consistent, proven results.

Ready to get started?

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